Loans are the reason we can achieve our milestones — completing higher education, starting a business, financing a car, and buying a house, just to name a few. Loans come with a huge amount of responsibility.

Review the resources on this page to make sure you know how loans work, what loan is the best loan for you, and steps to manage your money to pay back your loan.


Loan Basics
Get and stay financially fit learning about credit & borrowing, savings & investing, budgeting, and more.
Personal Loans Info and More
Look through Discover’s resource on personal loans to get your common questions answered about getting a loan, understanding the conditions of a loan, and being conscious about paying the loan back.
Business Loan Basics
It is often said that it takes money to make money, but how does this happen when you don’t have the initial funds? You take out a business loan. Read on to learn more about the different types of business loans.
Federal Student Loans overview
The following pages provide information on key concepts that student loan borrowers should understand, good financial habits for students to practice, and tools and resources available to help communicate these concepts to students.


State Farm’s loan resources
Whether you’re considering an auto loan, a home mortgage loan or pursuing a home equity loan or line of credit, the following resources may prove valuable as you explore the loan process and financing options. Here, you’ll find calculators and other tools to contextualize your decision to get a loan.
Personal Loans
Personal loans can help you consolidate debt, renovate your home, pay for college and more. Calculate monthly payments and see the latest personal loan rates to find the option that’s right for you.
Personal Loans and Common Traps to Avoid
Because personal loans aren’t typically backed by any form of collateral, such as a home or car, you don’t need home equity or a vehicle to qualify for one. You do, however, need to do your research before applying for a personal loan. Here’s what you need to know and consider.
Explore Small Business Loans
Small business loans can offer capital to run and grow your business. Use this guide to learn more about the business loans.
Understanding How To Repay Student Loans
When it comes to repaying your federal student loan, there’s a lot to consider. Understanding the details of repayment can save you time and money. Find out when repayment starts, how to make your payment, repayment plan options, what to do if you have trouble making payments, and more!
Small Business Administration (SBA)
  The U.S. Small Business Administration helps small businesses get funding by setting guidelines for loans and reducing lender risk. Find out about  SBA-backed small business loans and how to get funding.

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