As parents, you know your kids always come first. This also means prioritizing your finances to accommodate your child, and teaching them as they grow up to be financially-savvy. By age 7, kids will already have habits that will translate into their adulthood and finances. Make sure you can prepare yourself fore–and teach your kids–proper money management in all relevant aspects.

Explore resources pre-baby, post-baby, and when raising your child to ensure your finances and your kid’s finances are always in the best shape.


Greenlight – The Debit Card For Kids
Greenlight is the debit card for kids that parents manage from their phones with flexible parental controls. Chores is the new app feature that helps you easily manage one-time or weekly chores, and motivates kids to get them done.
Use Coin-Based Games to Teach Money Skills
Kids learn best when they think they are playing a game. By turning coin-counting and math exercises into fun games that the whole family can play, kids can learn valuable information about money management without even realizing it.
4 Fun Activities to Teach Kids About Money
These simple activities teach kids about basic financial principles, including charitable giving, delayed gratification, budgeting, saving money, and compounding interest.
Four Creative Ways to Teach Kids About Finance
Kids learn best when they are engaged and having fun. Creative methods of teaching financial literacy make the information more interesting and relevant to kids.
17 Fun Money Activities for Kids
Try these 17 money activities for kids to teach them how to differentiate coins and bills.


A Pre-Pregnancy Financial Planning Guide: Money Moves for Prospective Parents
Before you start a family, take some time to put your financial house in order. Use this guide to walk through the financial topics related to having a child.
Baby Make Three: Financial Planning for New Parents
Adding a new member into your family requires a second look at your finances. Here are 5 tips when expecting a baby.
How To Raise Kids Who Are Smart About Money (video)
Parents are responsible for teaching kids how to manage money. But too few do. Personal finance experts reveal the three things every child (and adult) needs to know about money.
How to Teach Your Kids About Money
As parents, there are so many things we have to teach our children, beginning with the basics of how to eat and share toys to more complicated lessons such as making decisions and getting along with others.
Kids Savings Accounts: What You Need to Know
Here are the most important things to know about savings accounts for kids.
Pointers for Parents: Parenting Guide
Use this resources from to give you an overview on topics, ways, and tools to teach your kids about money.
Teaching Kids About Money: An Age-by-Age Guide
Read on for some fun, simple ways to introduce finance to your child.
How to Start Building Credit for Your Kid (At Any Age)
One of the best ways you can promote positive habits for the future? Teach your children young and keep teaching them at every stage of life. Building credit history and an understanding of money from an early age can set kids up for success in adulthood.


Financial Worksheets
This site includes various printable worksheets you can give to your child, grades K-12. Scroll to the appropriate topic and age group to get working!
Lesson Plans and Worksheets
Be the teacher! Use the drop-down menu to select the appropriate grade level for your child. Then, use the guide and student activity worksheets to help teach your child the necessary financial lessons.

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