Starting a brand new life with a special someone comes with sharing space, responsibilities, and most importantly, finances. Before (and during) a partnership, it is important to plan for a healthy financial system in which both parties benefit and contribute to each others’ goals.

Here you will find useful resources, tools, and links to professionals to help you and your other half become financially literate for the start of the rest of your lives.


Financial Worksheet for Couples
Use this fillable worksheet to organize you and your partner’s income, financial goals, budgets, and plans to save.
Honeydue (financial sharing app)
Honeydue is a mobile app that aims to reduce money-related arguments between couples by offering tools to share information on respective account balances and spending.


Managing Finances in Marriage: The Happy Couple’s Guide to Success
The key to managing finances in marriage is communication. If you don’t talk about money when you’re both in a calm state of mind, you’re certainly not going to be able to discuss it when you’re having a problem that’s related to money.
Financial Advice for New Couples
Key points of discussion to keep in mind when you start sharing a financial life with your partner.
Strategies for Financial Success with Your Spouse
Before letting major money talks drive a wedge in your marriage or partnership, try these strategies to prevent conflict later.
Roadmap to Building Financial Literacy in Your Marriage
This article contains helpful questions to help couples start the conversation about shared financial goals.
How Two-Income Couples Should Manage Their Cashflow
This article summarizes what individual experts have to say generally about an issue that affects each person differently.
Couples and Money by
This is a thorough guide with worksheets at the end that can give you a basic overview of what sharing financial responsibility with your significant other means.
Married Money Management (Step-by-Step guide)
This 8-step resource walks you and your partner through relevant topics of shared finances that you may not have thought of.
Merging Finances After Marriage
Here you will find a checklist of items a newly married couple should highly consider doing.

professional guidance

Find a Financial Therapist ($)
Find a financial therapy provider near you if you and your partner want to seek professional guidance.
Money Coaching for Couples ($)
This coaching process creates an understanding of the patterns that emerge between couples around money and teaches couples how to compassionately communicate in a healthy, constructive ways regarding money.

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