Investing money seems like something that only the richest businessmen in the world partake in, but investments are for all consumers! Learning about stocks, how money is made from stocks, what to do to actually invest, and where to even start are normal topics you may have in mind.

This page contains helpful information and resources to introduce you to the world of investing. Start today to create and invest in a brighter, more financially secure future.


Investing Basics
360 Degrees’ financial literacy on investing introduces the basics of consumer investments, including allocation, investing on your own, and calculating tools to help guide you.
Financial Literacy: Investing
Read through this handout to get a glimpse of the terms related to investing. This also includes examples to contextualize how investment works.


Investing 101: A Tutorial For Beginner Investors
This tutorial will help you to understand what investing is, what it means and how the “miracle” of compounding works. It will also cover some of the building blocks of the investing world and the markets and provide some insights into techniques with the goal of helping you think about which investing strategies and vehicles are right for you.
Introduction to Stock Market Investment
This is an open-access Online course in the basics of Stock Market Investment. It is designed for people who strongly suspect – but are not sure – that the New York Stock Exchange is in New York, and for people who wished they had the time to be students. It emulates an academic course in stock market investment; this means that there is more emphasis on why and how the market functions than on why you personally should put money into it.
Moneychimp: Stock Market Investing, Calculators, Models, and more
Moneychimp contains a thorough overview of investing, calculating tools to help visualize investment growth, mathematical models, and other resources related to investments.
How to Invest in Stocks
This resource tells you everything you need to know to get started investing in stocks (including how to open a brokerage account, a guide to asset allocation, and what you should invest in, etc.)’s Introduction to Investing
The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission enforces the laws on how investments are offered and sold to you. Protecting investors is an important part of their mission. cannot tell you what investments to make, but this website provides unbiased information to help you evaluate your choices and protect yourself against fraud.
10 Different Ways to Start Investing With Just $1,000
Investing overviews are great and all, but how do you actually invest? This article provides ten ways to invest, including what to look for, what it means, and where to invest.
Investopedia’s Advisor Insights
This resource includes frequent questions by learning investors. Ask a question to help inform our advisors on what financial challenges are most on the minds of people like you.

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